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Marfa Table has a delightful, capable and professional body of staff. We offer menus sourced from local growers and producers when possible, and we provide seamless hospitality. 

Please visit our catering page for recommended planners & services.


The Table works with fresh, local, cheerful, seasonal, colorful, sustainable ingredients. We buy local and organic as much as possible, giving us wonderful relationships with our local food sources.  


Marfa Table values veg and fruit as much as meat and dairy, and we pride ourselves on pretty presentation. Our grilled and roasted veggies garner praise. 

Meat and fish are brined, rubbed, and/or marinated in citrus juice & herbs, and fired or smoked on fruit woods. 

We prefer to work with organic, humanely raised meat, dairy & eggs.


Offerings are frequently described as healthy- we have a strong vegan, vegetarian, and grilled meat/seafood background, and we’re fluent in restricted diets. Presenting selected offerings is our pleasure. We are also happily guilty of working with richer sauces and presentations.


Menus are based upon client/chef collaboration.


Ring, text, or email if we can be of assistance.




Bridget Weiss Chef/Owner


PO Box 164

Marfa, TX  79843



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