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Now that we’re back home from our trip, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful, truly amazing dinner for two in the park!  The food was perfect in every way, and we enjoyed every single bite.  Also, thank you for waiting around a few moments while we tried to find each other -- it was a relief to see you at the Lodge!!


-Don R.

What can I possibly say to express my gratitude for a perfect --- really, I mean seamlessly perfect --- evening.  Walking into J's studio and seeing that lovely long table set up for us took my breath away.  Bridget and F, it was magical and both of you were so gracious and charming.  And a wonderful thank-you to the lovely young man who assisted Bridget.  I can't recall his name, but he was both adorable and very competent!  On our long drive back to Austin, the experience came up again and again, each time more glowingly reviewed than before.  My fellow art nerds were pretty much blown away by every little bit --- the setting, the house, the art, the food.  It’s hard for me to put into words how incredible our evening was.   

-Roberta W.


Bridget was soulful to work with - so organized, competent and caring….just the kind of individual that everyone wants to work with – and she is now my new best friend for we shall be working together on many events out here in the future.    Deirdre H. 


-Don R.

Kind Words for Marfa Table


To witness our guests’ and clients’ expressions and comments at the dining table prepared by Marfa Table is a real treat!   After arriving from a very rough 13 mile dirt road trip from the highway, guests are truly amazed and impressed at the quality and level of service of every meal prepared by Marfa Table.  


-Ray F.


Marfa Table has provided inde/jacobs gallery with dinners for 20 and appetizers and cocktails for receptions of 250+ people.  Always sensational. The food and service from prep through execution - is flawless. One didn't sense the presence of her crew even as they ensure that all is provided. It's rare to find this in Marfa. We are so gratefule for Bridget and her team.  Marfa Table is already on the books for cocktails and dinner at our next international party.


-Tom J. & Vilis I.

Marfa Table has “upped our hunting game”.  Taking our customers out to the lease has been taken to the next level with 5-star meals at the hunting lease. We couldn’t be more pleased…or full!   


-Jeff R.


Bridget works miracles for us in far-flung locations. Miles off the grid in the most rudimentary kitchen, she has repeatedly produced gourmet feasts for more than a dozen friends, whom she treats with great grace and hospitality.


-Jeff & Kristina

Marfa Table was truly the highlight of our long days and nights shooting FAR MARFA. "An army marches on its stomach” and so feeding a hungry, tired and over-worked film crew is no exception. For four weeks, Bridget delivered fresh and inventive meals with hearty portions and stellar service that left our actors and crew praising Marfa Table to the Far West Texas skies.  She worked with our budget to provide an abundance of healthy, beautiful food. Our entire team gave Bridget a five-minute standing ovation when we wrapped!  


-Jennie Lyn H.

Now I must speak of fish.  I am proud of the salmon I cook on the grill.  Other folk have praised my salmon that I catch in cold Alaskan waters.  But next to her salmon, my fish is some sort of excrescence no better than something a dog left behind on a long walk.  If she ever reveals her magic, I surely will appreciate knowing how she produced the best fish I ever ate.


-Michael H.

Big Bend Ranch used to provide a cook and meals at the big bunkhouse, but no more.  Our professor hired a caterer, Bridget Weiss of Marfa Table, who did an excellent job feeding twenty-four hungry undergraduates and staff.  She’s a hard worker, did it all herself, and got nothing but praise from all.  


-Roy L.



Marfa Table shares these kind words with expressed permission from our clients. We respect the privacy of our clients and do not offer references

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