Upon agreement of cost & offerings, 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold the date.


Final non-refundable 50% is due 5 days preceding the event.


We make our best effort to accommodate change dates without penalty.

Marfa Table accepts reservations for events $1500 and up.



Marfa Table Catering prides itself on presentation, quiet & attentive service, and exquisitely beautiful food.  We work with the best - from our local producers, to our chef & servers, to your table.  Below are answers to frequently asked questions.



Contact Magic Hour.  Marfa Table has place setting rentals for 60 guests.



Marfa Table offers plated meals for up to 45 guests, depending upon the venue.

For larger groups we offer assisted buffet or family style service.

The number of servers & labor hours required depends upon the size, scope and location of your event.


Server hourly rate:  $25. 

0 - 30 guests:  2+ servers

30 – 50 guests:  2 – 3+ servers

50 – 80 guests:  4+ servers 


Delivery: $50. - 100.

Gratuity: 18% of menu cost



Marfa Table does not have a wine or liquor license. 

If your event is at one of our local VRBO’s or unlicensed venues, we can provide assistance with purchase and presentation.


Marfa Table offers mixology for signature cocktails.  As example: Prickly Pear or Traditional Margaritas; Champagne Cocktails; Mojitos; Bloody Maria’s; Citrus Mixology which pairs well with vodka, rum, gin and whiskey.




Maribeth Williams at, or by phone 214.802.1993

Magic Hour



Maribeth Williams at, or by phone 214.802.1993

Lizzy Wetzel with Magic Hour  214.334.5605