- Smoked or grilled pork tenderloin, pork ribs, chicken, sausage: choose 2

- Seasonal, broiled or grilled veg: choose 2

- Chevred mashed potatoes or baked potato casserole

- Big salad

$42. per person




- Pit-roasted suckling pig (serves 40 – 50), braised pulled pork, grilled chicken, grilled beef fajitas: choose 1Mole, verdes & rojas salsas: choose 2Seasonal, broiled or grilled veg: choose 2Refried black beansArroz a la MexicanaBig salad or jicama-grapefruit salad$47. pp



1 – 4 hours, not intended as dinner

4 - 6 bites per person



any 2+ hours between 6 & 9p

10 - 12 bites per person




We are happy to offer anything you request.  Our suggested menus exist to allow you to suddenly remember the things you love and want to share.  Bounce back!  All can be paired and modified to suit.


Marfa Table works with local and Texan growers and producers whenever possible.  We bake our own bread.  Sauces are house-made; herbs and many garnishes are sourced from our small organic gardens.


Platters are priced at 50+ substantial bites each; fork-free; presented with garnishes, condiments, crackers, bread, and/or side sauces.  Sauce details available upon menu choices.


- Servers @ $25. per hour per server - refresh platters, pour drinks, keep house tidy, remove trash, etc.  I pay well because they perform for us.  Please request bid.

- Delivery $50 - 200.

- Cocktail napkins, clear plastic drink cups & cocktail plates average $~1.pp.

- Bamboo, eco-friendly paper, white china & glassware available.  Please request bid.

- In the absence of prep area & stove, apps are designed to be served and hold at room temp for 4 hours.

- Pick-up is available if full service is not required; replacement fee billed post-service for chipped or broken platters.


- Migas or scrambled yard eggs

- Roasted herbed potatoes or polenta

- Fruit salad or green salad

- Corn & flour tortillas w House salsa

- Coffee & juice

$20. per person


-With sausage, chorizo, and/or bacon

$25. per person



- Wood-fired beef tenderloin & choice of smoked salmon, grilled seasonal Gulf fish or shellfish

- Horseradish cream, gremolata, raspberry chipotle sauces

- Seasonal, broiled or grilled veg: choose 2

- Mushroom risotto, roasted small potatoes, or creamed, herbed polentaBig salad


$70 per person



Signature Marfa Table offerings include wood-fired meats & seafood, beautiful veg color palates, toothsome sauces, accoladed appetizers, aperitif mixes, fresh flower & herb garnishes, and brilliant desserts.


Large & small - far west bbq's, weddings, cocktail parties, brunches, celebrations, fundraisers (25% discount for not-for-profit events in exchange for promo).

We are pleased to offer full-service if you seek bartenders, wait staff, delivery, and/or seamless tidy-up. Our culinary range is diverse. Request your preferences or allow us to offer menu choices to suit your guests.


Below are some sample menus. Final menus are crafted to the client’s wishes. We accommodate all dietary restrictions and preferences. Sample offerings can be mixed and matched. Local goat cheese made to order by Marfa Maid Dairy. Local fair-trade, organic coffee by Big Bend Roasters. Please ask about seasonal vegetables.





- Seasonal, Steamed Color Vegetables with Peanut Sauce

- Herbed Hummus

- Fresh Chips w House Verde & Roja Salsas

- House Queso & Fresh Chips

- Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

- House-caramelized Nuts & Marinated Olives

- Skewered Cheese & Small Tomatoes

- House-baked Bread & Whipped Butter




- Sausage-Cheese Balls

- Mexican or Italian Meatballs

- Herbed Fresh Local Chevre

- Baked Crusted Local Chevre

- Baked Parmesan-Artichoke Dip

- Chocolate Chip Brownies with Strawberries




- Grilled, Stuffed Mushrooms

- Grilled, Stuffed Squash Boats

- Prosciutto-wrapped Asparagus

- Caprese Skewers

- Charcuterie & Cheeses

- Pecan Squares

- Lemon Bars

- Strawberries & Chocolate Fondue

- Fresh Chips w Guacamole




- Wood-fired Skewered Pork Tenderloin

- Wood-fired, or Chilled Boiled Skewered Shrimp

- Wood-fired Skewered Chicken

- Wood-fired Bacon-wrapped Cheese-stuffed Jalapenos

- Romaine Leaf w House-smoked Salmon Spread

- Mini Tacos - Shrimp, Beef, Pork or Veggie w Fresh Slaw




- Wood-fired Quail Poppers

- Wood-fired Skewered Beef Tri-tip or Loin

- Wood-fired Bacon-wrapped Shrimp

- Whole, House-smoked Salmon Filet

- Shrimp, Pork, or Veggie Springs Rolls